Camp Koviashuvik,
a week in the woods!

Ages: 10 - 13

Build a home of sticks and leaves, drink pure water from a spring, kindle fire from friction, carve a bow and arrow from a sapling, bake bread from acorns, sleep on a mountain top and find the North Star. Welcome to Camp Koviashuvik, an overnight camp for "wild" kids who want to make friends with the earth and each other.
We begin the week at Koviashuvik base camp living in the Earth Lodge. We will learn to carve spoons and bows, gather food from the garden and the wild, cook on an open fire, and walk silently through the woods. Midway through the week we will depart into the wild, wandering the nearby mountains and streams, gathering food and making fire from friction. The last two nights will be spent sleeping in shelters that we build, and living wild and free. We will search for porcupines, track the beaver, and swim in hidden ponds.
Coal burning spoons
Sewing a cedar bark basket
Picking mint to dry for winter tea
Stripping cedar bark
Carving bows on the shavehorse
Digging roots for craftwork
Archery in the field!
Great food, cooked by campers
Plant I.D.
"... the view on the top, and seeing the coyote pup, was amazing. Beauty shows its self to the hard working people or the people who go through something challenging, and that was definitely proven when we were on the mountain that night."

-N.D., Camp Koviashuvik participant 2019
A well-deserved cooling-off
Making freinds with the tree people