How do I sign up?

Register for all programs except the Simple Life Apprenticeship by printing the Class Registration Form.

Register for the Simple Life Apprenticeship here.

Look here for the Overnight Winter packing list.

-Note that Koviashuvik is an inclusive organization which welcomes all religions, genders, orientations, ages, and abilities. Your registration serves as your agreement to accept these conditions.

Payment is due at least two weeks before class begins. We deposit checks as they come in; if you need us to hold your check until a certain date, please let us know! Registrations are on a first-come first-served basis and are considered complete upon receipt of payment. Sign up early to hold your space!

Important Details Below

Accessibility: We apologize for not yet being wheelchair accessible. We are working towards this!

Pets: No pets allowed; one of us has allergy-triggered asthma and we have free-ranging livestock.

Service Animals: Always welcome, please contact us ahead of time so we can work out the details.

Food:  Lunch is provided for all day-long classes. All meals and snacks are provided during overnight classes.  Food is local, in season, organic and awesome!

What to Bring? Notepad and pen, water bottle, camera if desired, and a small backpack to carry things. In the spring and summer, come prepared for bugs. Bring a bug net or borrow one of ours, and wear a light-weight long-sleeved shirt and loose pants. For overnight classes we will provide a detailed packing list.

It is a beautiful five-minute walk from the parking area to the school center. If you are unable to walk, you may drive the whole way.

A Quick Note About Taxes:
While it is our intent to provide meals and lodging at no extra cost to registered students, we are required by the state to set a cost value for each of these services, and to pay tax accordingly. This tax is passed on to participants and must be added to your total tuition on registration forms (see  directions on registration form)

Meals and lodging at Koviashuvik are valued at the following:
Lodging: $20 (per person if attending alone, or per family if attending together, per night, for the duration of your program)
Breakfast: $5
Lunch: $5
Supper: $8
Kids eat 50% off adult prices.

(The Simple Life Apprenticeship falls within a category of exception, and does not have additional taxes associated with it.)

Please note that these costs are permanently built into each tuition and will apply whether you eat and lodge here or not, and that these costs are part of a package deal available only to registering students.
Occasionally, friends or family memebers come along for the company but do not participate in a program. In these instances we will work out the pricing of meals and lodging on a situational basis.