Chris and Ashirah Knapp are experiential educators and homesteaders.  For over 20 years they have been learning, living and teaching an ecologically regenerative, bioregional lifestyle: gardening and gathering the bulk of their food, making baskets of all types, sharpening tools, planting fruit orchards and chestnuts, building homes and root cellars, raising livestock on local forage, and on occasion dulling scythe blades on hidden rocks and breaking needles on their treadle sewing machine.
        When Ashirah and Chris were in their late teens they were graced by an encounter with Ray Reitze, a Maine guide who had spent his youth learning from a native elder.  Ashirah and Chris spent roughly 6 years apprenticed to Grandfather Ray, who’s teachings, both physical and spiritual, have guided the Knapps daily-life ever since. 
       Chris is a 2020 candidate for AUNE’s M.S. in Environmental Studies. In addition to Koviashuvik programing, Chris has taught for Kroka Expeditions for 20 years, including multiple years leading Kroka’s high school Winter Semester. He previously co-taught “Living Sustainability,” a 4-week course offered through the University of Maine at Farmington. Chris has held a WFR certification for the last 15 years.
       Ashirah has several novels and children's stories in the works. She also enjoys being involved with in-home senior care, feeling that she gets as much or more out of the experience as her clients do.
       The Knapps co-founded Koviashuvik Local Living School in Temple, Maine, in 2008.  Chris and Ashirah share their life with their two children, a good mouser, and several goats.