Setting and Facilities:

The school is located in Temple, Maine, on one hundred acres of hilly, rocky, wooded land with several ponds and streams.  The heart of the school is a five-acre clearing in which vegetable gardens, berry patches and fruit and nut orchards are flourishing. Tucked in around the clearing are our main classroom facility, an earth lodge, stone root cellar, earth-bermed passive heat storage greenhouse, ice storage house, and small log cabin. There are goats out on pasture and free-range ducks in the ponds. Koviashuvik is an ongoing experiment in people-friendly/energy-saving technologies.  We have solar-heated rainwater, a hand-powered flour mill and acorn sheller, fuel-efficient rocket stoves, and a solar food dehydrator. All the buildings are built from locally harvested or salvaged materials.
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Can you spot the apprentices' home?
Solar Food Dehydrator and Passive-Solar        Greenhouse
Filling up the Ice House
Delicious Meals in the Outdoor Kitchen
Solar Array and Garden Shed
A Root Cellar Full of Produce