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Founded in 2008, Koviashuvik is a working homestead and school of simple living.  We offer the Family Sustainability Stay, programs for schools, The Simple Life Apprenticeship, and weekend craft classes.  Through these venues we teach skills that inspire a lifeway of connection, resilience, and gratitude.  Woodwork, wild gathering, tool sharpening, homestead agriculture, food preservation, basketry, fire from friction, leatherwork, acorn processing, rocket stove construction, cooking over fire, humanure composting….  These skills, from all different traditions and times, empower us to choose a positive relationship with mother earth.  
Want to visit?
Teaching Paddle Carving to Summer Camp Participants
(Planting peas with local 3rd graders.)
Mission Statement

To help create a world that is socially just, physically healthy and spiritually alive by teaching skills and life ways that connect people to the earth and their local community.
Where can we be found?
At the Common Ground Fair Processing Acorns into Flour
Demonstrating Ash Pounding at the Washburn-Norlands Living History Center
Teaching Packbaskets to Kroka Expeditions Staff
Working With Students of The Vermont Semester        Program
Making Sauerkraut with the University of Maine at Farmington
And on the land!