How We Teach
“Doing” is “knowing.” At Koviashuvik learning happens
organically during our daily scheduled work periods. We share
ideas while we work, and always welcome questions. When the
work day ends the learning does not.  You and the other
apprentices might go gather dandelions from the wild and
potatoes from the root cellar, someone goes to the spring for
water while someone else make a fire, and the learning goes

Often there are scheduled classes for the public, or school
programs.  Apprentices participate in all classes free of charge
and assist in the preperation, clean up, and, when appropirtate,
the teaching.

Koviashuvik Apprenticeship
The Experience:
Welcome to the Koviashuvik Apprenticeship!  If you are
hungering to be in a place where people live what they teach, a
place rich in traditional skills yet unafraid to try new ideas, a
place where the surrounding land provides the food, the
buildings and the fuel, where gardening, wild gathering,
handcraft, primitive skills, and appropriate technologies all come
together to support daily life… If you want to be a part of this
place, this apprenticeship is for you.
Read About "Our Philosophy"
  A Year at Koviashuvik: Our activities vary with the
season.  Here is a brief picture of the work in which you will
take part during the four seasons:
· Spring: cutting and splitting firewood, pruning fruit trees,
making sauerkraut, sorting, drying and saucing apples
from the root cellar, preparing ground for planting, de-
rocking soil, planting trees, grafting, starting seedlings in
the greenhouse, planting the gardens, wild gathering
spring greens, harvesting and pounding brown ash for
baskets,building projects, craftwork, building compost
· Fall:  harvesting leaves, harvesting acorns, harvesting
apples, harvesting garden vegetables, putting gardens to
bed. threshing and winnowing, food preservation,
building projects, preparing hides for tanning, craftwork.     
· Winter:  tool repair, forestry, cutting firewood, trapping,
skiing and snowshoeing, woodworking projects, hauling
logs to the mill, maple sugaring, craftwork

Craftwork:  In every season there will be multiple craft
projects available for apprentices to work on.  From basketry
to knife making to leatherwork, we are craftspeople and feel
it is important to provide time for apprentices to experience
the joy of making things.
The Sacred Four: Shelter -Water -Fire -Food
· Shelter: Apprentices live in a beautiful dwelling adapted from
the traditional Cree earth-lodge.  The lodge is insulated with
sod, has windows and a skylight for natural light and a wood-
stove for heating and cooking. Apprentices must keep the
lodge clean and should expect it to be on display during
classes or in the event of unexpected visitors! 
· Water: Drinking water comes from the spring.  Wash water
comes from the ponds and off the roofs.  A solar hot-water
shower is available in the greenhouse.
· Fire: Apprentices saw and split wood by hand.  Wood that
was cut the previous year is available for this year’s
apprentices, and in turn this year's apprentices prepare wood
for next year's.  Apprentices gain experience with open fires,
rocket stoves and wood stoves depending on the season.
· Food: Apprentices eat freely from the gardens, root cellar
vegetables, acorns and seasonal wild foods.  Apprentices
supply their own dry goods and cooking oils, meat, eggs and
dairy. All cooking is done on an open fire, woodstove, or
wood-burning rocket stove.