Koviashuvik Local Living School
2018 Program Schedule

Training Expedition,
Kroka Winter Semester
January 18-27, Enrollment through Kroka Expeditions

Packbaskets, Local Food and Homesteading,
Kroka Winter Semester
April 4-15
Enrollment through Kroka Expeditions

Koviashuvik Simple Life Apprenticeship
(see description, dates, and photos)
Dates: spring and fall, see above link for details
Minimum stay 5 weeks
Cost: $200 per week

Wild Greens for the Common Table
(see description and photos)
Date: Saturday, May 12    Time: 9:30am-3:00pm    
Cost: $75

Wooden Spoons Are Free From A Tree
(see description and photos)
Date: Sunday, May 13th, Mother's Day!      
Time: 9:30am-12:30pm       Cost: FREE

Open House/ Open Homestead
(see description and photos)
Date: Saturday, May 26
Time: 10:30am-3:00pm, tours at 11:00, 12:30, and 1:30   Cost: FREE

Kawanhee Summer Camp Staff Training
June 11-13
Enrollment Closed

Kroka Expeditions Camp Staff Training
June 15-18
Enrollment Closed

Farm and Wilderness Camp Staff Training
June 19-21
Enrollment Closed

Lost Tribe of the Ashuelot Children's Expedition
July 8-14
Enrollment through Kroka Expeditions

NEW! Camp Koviashuvik, 6 days in the woods!
Build a home of sticks and leaves, drink pure water from a spring, kindle fire
from friction, carve a bow and arrow from a sapling, bake bread from
acorns, sleep on a mountain top and find the North Star. Welcome to camp
Koviashuvik!: a six day overnight camp for "wild" kids who want to make
friends with the earth and each other.
We begin the week at Koviashuvik Base Camp living in the Earth Lodge. We
will learn to carve spoons and bows, gather food from the garden and the
wild, cook on an open fire, and walk silently through the woods. On day 4 we
will depart into the wild, wandering the nearby mountains and streams,
gathering food and making fire from friction. The last two nights will be
spent sleeping in shelters that we build, and living wild and free. We will
search for porcupines, track the beaver, and swim in hidden ponds. 
Ages: 10 - 13
Cost : $550 dollars per camper
Dates: July 23nd - July 28th (overnight program)

Family Sustainability Stay:  A Custom-fit, 3-Day Educational
Vacation for All Ages
(see description and photos)
Dates(choose one):
August 3-5 booked
August 7-9 booked
August 14-16 booked
August 17-19 booked
September 15-17 booked
NEW! 4-season dates available! Inquire for fall-through-spring options.

Time:10:00am of Day One through midafternoon of Day Three
Cost: $895* for a single family, $695* each for two families attending
together. All meals and snacks are provided, all organic and mostly

Common Ground Fair:
acorn processing, spatula carving classes,
interactive children's table!
September 21-23
(see MOFGA website)

Packbasket Weaving Weekend
(see description and photos)
Date: October 6-7 
Time: 9:00am Saturday- Sunday afternoon 
Cost: $275*, all meals and snacks provided, all organic and mostly
Enrollment Closed

Processing Acorns Into Flour
(see description, photos, and an acorn nutritional analysis!)
Date: Saturday, October 13 
Cost: $75

*Tuitions subject to meals and lodging tax for overnight
Please see here for explanation and more information.